Effective Media Planning for Asian Marketing

Source: Asian American’s Advertising Federation’s Asian Marketing Summit—The Future of Advertising to Asian Americans, May 2022

  • Asian Media Landscape by Tony Li, Media Supervisor @ Admerasia
  • Asian American Deep Dive by Dennis Tsai, Media Supervisor @ Admerasia
  • Everyone is Talking About Podcasts But Me! by Jerry Won, Founder and CEO @ Just Like Media, Nora Ali, Media Entrepreneur and Host of Business Casual, and Gloria Shawber, Director @ TDW+Co


Why It Matters

As the fastest-growing consumer segment, Asian Americans wield tremendous purchasing power. However, the diversity of Asian consumers in terms of culture, language, and complicated Asian media landscape is a challenge for marketers to create and execute a media strategy for effective communication. This article covers an update on Asian media in the US and Asian consumer media consumption based on the latest research by Admerasia, case studies about how to leverage cultural insights and latest trends and pop culture to launch campaigns that resonate with Asian consumers but also have broader appeals and lastly how to leverage emerging medium podcasting to effectively reach Asian consumers.

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