About Us

Sparkle Insights is a full-service research and strategy firm with extensive experience in insight development for Fortune 500 companies.

Sparkle Insights team members are experienced researchers and business professionals with broad experience across industries and methodologies, from strategic planning to innovative research design and execution.  Our diverse backgrounds and cross-cultural worldview make us uniquely positioned to leverage segment nuances and help build relevant strategies for the U.S. consumer market.  

 Team profiles



With over ten years of experience in the industry, Iris has led a wide-ranging variety of strategic projects. Her experience in both qualitative and quantitative research across multiple cultural segments makes her a versatile researcher that approaches research in a holistic and innovative way to solve clients’ business problems and uncover insights. A natural extrovert, she brings her passion, forthrightness and creativity to every project.


Senior Consultant

With over 20 years of qualitative research experience, Patricia quickly recognizes patterns, easily sees the “big picture” and provides the emotional intelligence required to make the very best business decisions in today’s marketplace. Having moderated hundreds of focus groups with General Market and Hispanic consumers across acculturation levels, she has developed a deep understanding of cultural nuances and how these relate to the research findings; enabling her to provide clients with rich cultural insights and actionable business recommendations.

Caitlyn Chun

Project Manager

Caitlyn has extensive experience in cognitive and human behavior research, which gives her a unique perspective in market research and allows her to get valuable insights into consumer behavior in relation to the market experience. As a researcher, Caitlyn not only designs, fields, and analyzes studies, but she also conducts qualitative research in Chinese, English, and Malay. Caitlyn holds a MS in Cognitive and Neuroscience from University of Texas at Dallas as well as both BS and MS in Psychology from HELP University in Malaysia.


Strategic Partner & Moderator

A native of Cuba, Macuqui Robau-Garcia is skilled at conducting all types of qualitative research in Spanish and English with homemakers, seniors, teens, children and business owners in a wide range of industries. She has experience in exploratory research, product and concept positioning, ad/copy testing, package and taste tests, and internet usability studies and has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies including Philip Morris, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo, ConAgra Foods, Tyson, Bank of America, Visa, AT&T, State Farm, Wal*Mart, Hallmark, Telemundo, Ford, Abbot, Sanofi and Novartis among others.


Project Manager

Hanh has a diverse academic background spanning an interdisciplinary range of subjects from foreign studies to social science to market research. As an experienced researcher, she has managed qualitative and quantitative studies including coordinating and recruiting research participants for various social science and market research projects. She is also well-versed in using different research methodologies. Previously, Hanh worked as a project coordinator /field director at Phoenix Marketing International (PMI), and as a research associate at San Diego State University and the University of Michigan. Hanh has a master’s degree in Educational studies from the University of Michigan.

Brittany Chiu

Project Manager

Brittany, a native of Chicago, is an experienced business development consultant who has worked across diverse industries from tech to trading. Able to speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, she has previously lived and worked in China for two years in Beijing and Yiwu. Brittany is active in her community, serving as an ESL volunteer to first-generation immigrants and refugees. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from Dominican University.

Jung-mi Kim

Marketing Specialist

Jung-mi has extensive experience in online marketing and excels at helping clients grow their business via viral marketing and social media. She has worked with clients across various industries including plastic surgery, online retail, media, and real estate. A native of Korea, Jung-mi is passionate about advocating for the AAPI community and celebrating her cultural heritage.

Misha Gandhi


Misha Gandhi, native of the Chicago suburbs, is a senior in high school wanting to pursue International Business and Asian Studies in her future studies. She speaks Gujarati, Hindi and English fluently. She has had entrepreneurial experience as she started a small business fundraising for her school’s chosen beneficiary of the year and is the President of her school’s South Asian Student Association.  Aside from her student life, she has volunteered and interned for many non-profit organizations seeking to help the Asian American Community advance. In fact, she is one of the students involved in advocating the passing of the TEAACH [Teaching Equitable Asian American Community History] Act in Illinois and continues to work on curriculum building with her peers and local officials.