Optimistic and Resilient, Multicultural Consumers Power the Pandemic Economy and Beyond: Their Behaviors, Attitudes, and Outlooks


Today’s U.S. consumers are more diverse than ever which is a reflection of demographic trends over the past two decades. As consumers embrace the new normal and the pandemic is in hindsight (almost), the post pandemic world ushers in a new era for marketers and advertisers in which sensitivity to social issues and causes is just as important as keeping the pulse on consumer trends. To stay relevant and competitive, brands must recognize the changing demographics, the boom in multicultural populations, enormous opportunities in untapped market segments, their growing purchasing power, and the high ROI associated with multicultural campaigns. So how do brands identify and incorporate the local nuances, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs of consumers into their marketing communication strategy, particularly in a world that has been ravaged by COVID-19 and seen the largest social movement in decades?

Download the white paper to learn how multicultural consumers power the economy during the pandemic and beyond, their mindset and outlook for 2022 and media consumption post pandemic.

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