Asian Americans: The Next Blue Ocean

Source: Asian American’s Advertising Federation’s Asian Marketing Summit—The Future of Advertising to Asian Americans, May 2022

  • 2020 Census Results for the Asian American Population by Bev Pratt, Research Analyst @ Race and Ethnicity Research and Outreach of Population Division, US Census Bureau and Brittany Rico, Survey Statistician @ Racial Statistics Branch of Population Division, US Census Bureau
  • Asian Americans’ Mindset and Outlook in the Post-Pandemic New Normal by Iris Yim, Principal and Chief Strategist @ Sparkle Insights
  • The Opportunity Gap byMargie Bravo, Multicultural Strategist @ Nestle, Howard Lichtman, Partner @Ethnicity Matters


Why It Matters

The new economic landscape has been shaped by COVID, social injustices, and inflation. Brands supported by Asians in general have shown growth by volume. What are their purchasing behaviors like and across which categories of goods and services? How have Asians coped with these changes under the new norm? What are their attitudes and outlook for the year? What are their media consumption habits like? Furthermore, how much budget should brands be devoting to multicultural marketing and which ethnic groups should they focus on? How much money should be spent on it?

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