3AF 2022 Asian Marketing Summit—The Future of Advertising to Asian Americans

This report covers the summary of most sessions at the 2022 3AF Asian Marketing Summit on 05/10-12, 2022.

The topics covered include:

  • Asian Media Landscape
  • Asian American Deep Dive
  • Everyone is Talking About Podcasts But Me!
  • Thriving and Loyal: Asian Automobile Buyers
    General Motors’ DEI Initiatives
  • Why Authenticity Matters: Toyota’s Approach to Asian Consumers
  • 2020 Census Results for the Asian American Population
  • Asian Americans’ Mindset and Outlook in the Post-Pandemic New Normal
  • The Opportunity Gap – How to Allocate Budget to Asian Marketing
  • Behind the Scenes – Making of the Film “Chinatown Rising”
  • The Rise of Asian Americans in Popular Culture
  • Asians @ Amazon – Elevating Employee Engagement at the World’s Largest Online Retailer
  • ERG Best Practices
  • The Power of ERGs – Igniting Change in Corporate America
  • Intersection of DEI and Marketing
  • The Value of Community to Brands
  • Why Mentorship and Leadership Development Matters!

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